OUR Portfolio

We do a wide range of project from working with first-time and small business owners, to bigger businesses such as restaurants and hotels. 


A coffee and merch business based in North Seattle


The leading Instagrammable café and lifestyle brand launched in 2017

Clontarf Baths

An iconic family restaurant based in Dublin

Inchey Doney Lodge and spa

A gorgeous 4 star hotel and spa based by the coastline of West Cork


Bewley’s is Ireland’s leading coffee and tea company. Check out their ‘Staycation Campaign’

The Foxy Tail

These ladies specialise in wedding catering as well serve pupuccinos to local dog owners

The Big Boys

The ‘’Big’’ Mikolaj and Dawid serve fresh burgers based on local ingredients

Song and Jenns

A start-up street-food trailer, serving a wide variety of dishes from burgers to sushi

Wicklow Wok

Authentic Thai food on the go located in Wicklow

Lean Green Machine

A start-up plant-based food trailer with a mission to make healthy food accessible to all

I Scream donut

A start-up serving ice cream, donuts, coffees and more sugary comfort food


A new toastie food truck branch which became sensationally popular since its Covid pandemic launch

tall boy toasties

A start-up toastie sambo food business brought by Desmond the real-life ”Tall Boy”

Abbeyleix hotel

A family run 3-star hotel  expanding on current offerings

MOntenotte hotel

A 4-star hotel built within the former 18th century of a Merchant Prince

Kish and Fish

A family-owned seafood market and kitchen now serving their fresh caught fish from our unit